UniBlimp Solar Modules

Lightweight / Durable / High energy

Flexible solar modules

Flexible where especially design and developed for our work on the Trans-Atlantic Solar Blimp attempt. To get cumulative V of 45 (4 x 18 cells modules) we grouped the cells in 18 per module. The module is flexible enough, while protecting the fragile cells, to match any Blimp, Aerostat or Airship envelope curvature. Modules are easily set on the envelope with strong adhesive tapes matching the curvature and giving minimum aerodynamic resistance (the height of the cells dent is 3 mm). Also, they are simple to take down from the envelope by simple carefully removing the fixating tape. The cells are delivered in custom protective case with 10 mm sponge between the modules.


Weight  620 g per module with connectors (18 cells) 
Cells  SunPower Maxeon Generation III 
Cells per module  18 
Cells spec  Solar Cells Specification  
Top Module protective layer  PET thermoformed 
Number of cell rows  3 or 2 (3 x 6 or 3.9) 
Cells connection type  Serial 
Peak Power and A  12.5 +V and over 6 A 
Cells base (back protective layer  Eva Foam + Pressphan + 0.5 mm Clear PVC

Weather  Water proof 
Out jacks  + and - Banana Bullet plug connectors 3.5 mm 
Attachment on envelope - connection  Airlease PVC white (500 mm bands) 
Price per module  890 Euro / 1080 USD (18 cells)