Flies on "fumes"

Minimum Energy Consumption with solar modules

Reduced Energy use without affecting Key Systems

Completely simplified UniBlimp uses energy for the following consumers: Main motor, Pitch servos, Yaw servos and RX. That is all. Although there are no other consumers all flight functions are covered with previous consumers. It is the innovative design of UniBlimp that manages to get the most out of Blimp with minimal consumption.

Compared to classic RC Blimp designs UniBlimp have the following advantages: - Low aerodynamic resistant envelope, - Lower power consumption, - Extremely maneuverable, - Longer air autonomy (from hours to day/s), - Simple to set and use, - Safe to use with one or several redundant safety features, - Minimum logistics required, - Medium RC Piloting skills required, - Reduced electronics complexity, - Stable and vibration free, - While hover almost no energy used, - Extremely strong envelope made with double welding technology and several other features. All these advantages are directly or undirectly creates low energy profile of UniBlimp.


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