High maneuverability

3D flight control extremely sensitive

Immediate response and quick reactions

The distance between the engine on the nose of the Blimp and the stabilizer with flaps is, by design, extremely long. Since the basic traction force is on the nose, away from the flaps, changing direction is extremely easy and without a large expenditure of energy. Motors can be added to enhance the flap effect but is not necessary. You can see the easy and fast execution of the given commands in the video below.

You can perform a simple experiment yourself to understand the essence of UniBlimp design. Take a pencil and place it on the table. First try to start it by pushing from behind. You will see that the tip of the pen turns uncontrollably. That is a big drawback of RC Blimps who have engines located in the back. Now draw the pencil with two fingers on the table. You will find that controlling the pen is easy and precise. That is the essence of UniBlimp. Redistribution of energy and design.

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