High quality Polyurethane Envelopes

UK Polyurethane High GRade Envelopes

Extremely Low Helium Permeability

Since 2005 we have adopted sophisticated technology to produce Polyurethane Blimp Envelopes. The advantages of Polyurethane are numerous. Very low helium or hydrogen permeability - Up to 1% per day regardless to volume - Guaranteed. Right balance between elasticity and rigidity. Extremely resistant to waste weather conditions. Suitable to be used with Helium and Hydrogen as well. And several other factors that are crystal clear when you use our RC Blimps. With double welding technology, or even triple, our envelopes are as strong as it is possible for films up to 150 microns.

We have designed and produced more than 1000 envelopes of all sizes and shapes starting in 1999. We have experimented with all kinds of envelope materials/films. Polyester, Tedlar, PVC, 3 Ply PVC, Millar, …. So far Polyurethane film in thicknesses of 80, 100, 125 and 150 microns have ticked all the boxes what we cannot say for other envelope films. This statement is backed by 20 years of experience and is related to RC Blimps or small Airships up to 20 m.

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