Center of Gravity

Gravity Center - Adjustable

Different payloads request different positions

In order to enable the load to be placed in the appropriate position, we have developed a rail point system on which you can attach the load freely along the entire rail system. It is extremely important to place the cargo in the right place as it directly affects the flight characteristics of the Blimp or any other aircraft. Another reason, which is of equal importance, is that placing the load on the underside of the Blimp stabilizes the Blimp and prevents swaying around the horizontal axis. As a result, we have a stable and in the right place gravity point as well as firmly positioned stabilizers.

The point rail system allows simple and easy movement of the load along its entire length. We always place the pont rail system in parallel rows in order to distribute the weight as much as possible on an as large area as possible. For heavier loads, we use additional tension points that distribute the weight over an even larger area. In this way, the load is always firmly connected to the Blimp, preventing the occurrence of vibrations as well as uncontrolled shocks that would seriously affect the flight.

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