Durable and Structurally strong

Tested in rough environmental conditions

From -15 to +45

We have extensively tested Uniblimp design in all weather conditions. The extreme conditions where in mid-January 2019 at outside temperature of -15 Celsius. The other end was in mid-summer when the temperatures where up to 45 degrees Celsius. The weather conditions do not prevent the use of our Uniblimps RC Blimps. Nevertheless, we recommend flying it on calmer weather and preferably without rain.

The innovative approach to the Blimp concept, by placing the main motor to the front, had also significantly elevated the maneuverability compared to classic Blimp designs. The UniBlimp design is closer to glider air behavior that to classic RC Blimps. We estimate that its maneuverability is higher up to 30% compared to classic RC Blimps designs (Multi rotors designs). Therefore, depending on Uniblimp size it can coop respectively to 30% more wind and wind gusts compare to other designs.

Ballonet Automatic system

For prolonged flights (hours/days) we have developed automatic Ballonet pressure control. That system allows long flights with constant pressure of the envelope (in set limits).

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