Designed for Speed

5:1, 6:1 or better envelope ratio

"Slim" envelope less aerodynamic drag

During 2019, we performed several tests with a 6.5 m Uniblimp ptototype in all weather conditions. The top speed we achieved was almost 50 km per hour. That’s exceptional speed for a non-rigid Zeppelin. We think that it is possible to reach a higher speed and we are preparing for new tests during 2020.

Several factors made it possible to achieve high speeds for the Blimps. 6: 1 envelope ratio, engine mounted on the nose of the blimp, minimal equipment outside the line of the envelope, direct energy transfer (with minimal losses) of the engine to the Blimp, light stabilizer construction, low pressure tunnel created by the propeller around the blimp, and several others factor.

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