Auto Pilot Compatible

Compatible with most commercial autopilots

Simple to set and synchronize

Uniblimp controls are really simple. In an effort to simplify the overall design, we have reduced the controls to just a few channels. Throttle, Pitch and Yaw. That is all. Since UniBlimp is designed as a glider so by design the controls where simplified. These are the three basic controls of any controlled flying body and thus the findings are covered by the program of almost every autopilot on the global market.

The performance of the autopilot compared to the human pilot is quite good. Although the UniBlimp is designed as a glider it still has a fairly large envelope that has significant aerodynamic drag. This must not be neglected. We noticed that the autopilot has a slightly slower reaction and anticipation time compared to the human pilot. So if Blimp needs to fly, a straight-line autopilot will perform more path corrections and thus consume a bit more energy. Our overall rating is that UniBlimp and Autopilot are compatible and that it is a pretty good combination.

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